New Way of Inspections
No paint removal
Integrated inspection workflows
Inspect more with less cost
Digital from start to end

EMA-3T is a electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) ultrasonic thickness gauge that is different from any other. It is designed with the core principles of Industry 4.0 in mind to bring efficiency to the inspection process.

EMA-3T integrates asset identification (Barcode & RFID readers), inspection workflows and connectivity (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth) all within a practical ergonomic design.

EMA-3T Front and Back-1680x950

Robust Measurements

EMA-3T Flowback Iron A
  • Digital workflows from asset identification to end of inspection

  • Data recording and transmission allows inspectors to focus more on the inspection and less on paperwork

EMA-3T Cement Silo A
Inspection stepsStandard UT DeviceEMA-3T
Paint removal requiredYesNo
Asset identificationVisualBarcode & RFID
Inspection instructionsPaper/BasicDigital Workflow
Coupling gel requiredYesNo
Surface repaintingYesNo
Data recordingManual/BasicAdvanced
Data transferManual/BasicAdvanced

EMAT Technology

EMA-3T uses electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) technology to perform thickness measurements. This method allows significant advantages over standard piezoelectric thickness gauges for ultrasonic thickness inspections.

  • No paint removal required (non-contact up to 4 mm)

  • No surface preparation

  • No couplant required

  • Measures through unbonded paint

  • Sensor not required to be perpendicular to test material

  • Use in corroded areas

  • High temperature applications

Technology Comparison A

Asset Identification

  • Asset database can be directly imported to EMA-3T before inspection

  • Integrated asset identification technologies (RFID and Barcode readers) allow identification of each asset and loads pre-defined inspection workflow in 2-clicks

EMA-3T CloseUp Back-840x475

Inspection Workflows

  • Interface includes standard functions such as A-scan, B-scan and 3 standard inspection workflows: Line, Matrix and Pipe

  • Desktop application allows customization of workflows based on customer’s requirements

  • Large internal memory allows multiple datasets (asset database, inspection results and workflows) to be synchronized to EMA-3T



  • Data transfer options: USB cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

  • Wi-Fi data transfer between EMA-3T and database can be exchanged simultaneously

EMA-3T Laying Flat-840x475

Ergonomic Design

  • Slim handle to allow users to operate with just one hand comfortably

  • Inclined display to reduce strain on the wrist during long working hours

  • High resolution display to provide clear visibility in direct sunlight

EMA-3T Twist Screen Horizontal-840x475
EMA-3T Twist Back Horizontal-1680x950
EMA-3T Left Side Horizontal-1680x950

Measurement performance

Measurable thickness range (1)(2)2 – 60 mm0.0787 – 2.3622 in
Measurement accuracy +/- (3)0.04 mm0.0015 in
Measurement resolution0.02 mm0.0007 in
Maximum operating gap (3)4 mm0.1574 in
Minimum inspection diameter20 mm0.7874 in
Acoustic speed range1000 – 9999 m/s3280 – 32805 ft/s
Acoustic speed increment1 m/s3.2 ft/s
Operating frequency3 – 5 MHz3 – 5 MHz
Maximum sensor inclination25 deg25 deg
Minimum radius of curvature10 mm0.3937 in
A-Scan ModeYesYes
B-Scan Mode (time-based)YesYes
Custom WorkflowsYesYes
High temperature probe (4)up to 700 °Cup to 1292 °F
(1) – Using carbon steel material
(2) – Possible up to 200 mm
(3) – Based on thickness range & carbon steel material

(4) – High temperature probe not included in standard kit

Device specification

Internal memory16 GB (SLC memory)
Thickness readings10,000,000
A-Scan with thickness readings500,000
Workflow dataVariable (depends on data points)
Wi-Fi802.11 b/g/n
BluetoothBluetooth 4.2 & BLE
Cloud ReadyYes
Asset Identification
RFID Reader865-928 MHz
Barcode Reader1D & 2D Symbols with laser aimer
Asset databaseYes
Workflow databaseYes
Dimensions - Gauge (L x W x H)230 x 132 x 77 mm9.1 x 5.2 x 3 in
Dimensions - Probe (D x H)30 x 44 mm1.2 x 1.7 in
Weight1000 g2.20 lbs
Operating temperature-10 to +60 °C-14 to +140 °F
Continuous operationBased on drone batteryBased on drone battery
Batterylithium-ion (non-removable)lithium-ion (non-removable)
Charging & data connectorUSB-CUSB-C
Charger (GaN)100 - 240 VAC (61W)100 - 240 VAC (61W)
Device designIP50IP50
Transport case designIP67IP67
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