Advanced Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for Industrial UAVs
No surface preparation or couplant
Robust thickness measurements
Lightweight Compact & Modular
No force required from UAV to take measurements

DroneMAT is a electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) ultrasonic thickness (UT) gauge designed for industrial UAVs (Drones). It allows users to perform ultrasonic thickness inspections from drones in a more efficient, reliable and safer way. The modular and lightweight design allows conversion of any industrial drone to an aerial UT gauge, increasing the range of applications and utilization.

DroneMAT on corroded surface
  • Decrease cost of inspection vs the conventional way by increasing inspection speed and elimination of auxiliary equipment

  • Eliminate working at height by inspectors and reduce potential risks

DroneMAT Silo Inside Contact
  • Modular design allowing integration to any industrial drone (total payload < 700 gr)

  • Allows inspection on any metal surface - coated, unbonded paint or corroded 

DroneMAT Matrice Approach 1
DroneMAT Matrice Approach 2
DroneMAT Matrice Approach 3
  • Independent sensor aligning to measurement surface

  • No contact required to perform measurements  - gap up to 3 mm / misalignment (angle) 25 degrees

  • Measurement immune to drone noise

  • User friendly App with easy data management  (including A-Scan and Inspection details)

DroneMAT user interface

EMAT Technology

EMAT technology allows significant advantages over standard piezoelectric thickness gauges in applications for drone inspections:

  • No paint removal required (non-contact up to 3 mm)

  • No surface preparation

  • No couplant required

  • Measures through unbonded paint

  • Sensor not required to be perpendicular to test material

  • Use in corroded areas

  • High temperature applications

EMAT Technology Comparison A

DroneMAT system in 2 configurations

Modular design for custom drones:

  • DroneMAT modular system for custom drone installation (< 700 grams)

  • Tablet with radio communication module

DroneMAT on articulating drone

Universal system for DJI Matrice 300/350:

  • Mast with DroneMAT module

  • Installation frame to connect to DJI Matrice drone

  • Tablet with radio communication module

DroneMAT DJI M300-B-1680x950


Measurable thickness range (1)(2)2 – 60 mm0.0787 – 2.3622 in
Measurement accuracy +/- (3)0.08 mm0.0031 in
Measurement resolution0.04 mm0.0015 in
Maximum operating gap (3)3 mm0.1181 in
Minimum inspection diameter20 mm0.7874 in
Acoustic speed range1000 – 9999 m/s3280 – 32805 ft/s
Acoustic speed increment1 m/s3.2 ft/s
Operating frequency3 – 5 MHz3 – 5 MHz
Maximum sensor inclination25 deg25 deg
Minimum radius of curvature10 mm10 mm
A-Scan AvailabilityYesYes
(1) – Using carbon steel material
(2) – Possible up to 200 mm
(3) – Based on thickness range & carbon steel material

Device specification

Dimensions - Gauge (L x W x H)230 x 132 x 77 mm9.1 x 5.2 x 3 in
Dimensions - Probe (D x H)30 x 44 mm1.2 x 1.7 in
Weight1000 g2.20 lbs
Operating temperature-10 to +60 °C-14 to +140 °F
Continuous operationBased on drone batteryBased on drone battery
Batterylithium-ion (non-removable)lithium-ion (non-removable)
Charging & data connectorUSB-CUSB-C
Charger (GaN)100 - 240 VAC (61W)100 - 240 VAC (61W)
Device designIP50IP50
Transport case designIP67IP67
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